Helmet Cam Footage Clears Navy Seal!*Video*

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A Navy Seal has been drug through the mud after leadership has apparently made false accusations claiming that Eddie Gallagher murdered a a wounded ISIS fighter in mosul. Well after the helmet cam footage is released the Navy is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

According to Fox5 Congressman Duncan Hunter showed members of Congress helmet camera video that he claims exonerates Edward Gallagher, the Navy SEAL chief accused of several war crimes, including murder of a teenage ISIS fighter.

Hunter said there is a protective order on the video so the public cannot see it at this time. Wednesday he held a press conference to give reporters his impression of the video

“This is the smoking gun, and there’s no gun whatsoever,” Hunter said. “By looking at the videos, by looking at the pictures, there was no stabbing. No one got stabbed with a knife. You have an ISIS combatant who died from his injuries.”

Hunter said the teen was the only survivor of an airstrike.

“He’s the only guy that lived. Between 30 and 50 ISIS fighters died. He was the only one that lived. The Iraqis took him, yet we have the video of the Iraqi military not performing any medical triage to this ISIS terrorist,” Hunter said.

Politicians who saw the video said when the teen was handed over to the Navy SEALS they, including Gallagher, started performing first aid.

Gallagher has been charged with various violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice while…

Navy officials sent the following in an email:

“The UCMJ ensures the full opportunity for the defense to present evidence at trial. The Navy has no comment on such evidence being circulated outside of that process.”

Gallagher’s trial is set for May 28.

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At  7 minutes and 40 seconds the Rep Hunter bring up another shocking revelation is that his command had under influence in which the Naval Special Warfare group commander Capt Rosenbloom for telling other seals that eddies guilty.

We hope that Eddie gets a fair trial.

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