STEM Students Walk Out On Brady Campaign Vigil!

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Every-time, yes every-time, an active shooter event occurs it seems like within minutes gun control groups like Moms demand action or the brady campaign  are on their pedestals using the images of the deceased to push their agenda. Well this time wasnt any different. They dont take into account that people maybe need some time to mourn, no they instantly jump on the opportunity to push their anti-gun agenda.

It would appear that a group of students is tired of this ambulance chasing. According to USATODAY the event was primarily billed as a vigil to honor Kendrick Castillo, who was fatally shot in a rampage by two students at the STEM school here. Speakers at the school’s packed gymnasium, however, were mostly politicians and advocates pressing Congress for more restrictive gun laws.

9News wrote that Many STEM students later returned to the Highlands Ranch High School gymnasium and refocused the event back to the victims of the shooting.

“What has happened at STEM is awful, but it’s not a statistic,” one student told the crowd. “We can’t be used [as] a reason for gun control, we are people, not a statement.”

The crowd cheered loudly in response.

“This was not a vigil. This was purely a political stunt. This is not what we wanted for Kendrick,” said another student.

We’re going to have to agree with these kids. They do need time to mourn. They do not deserve to have a microphone shoved in their face and forced to validate someone else’s views. Good for them for taking a stand a stand against these idiots.

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