Global Ordinance Shot Show 2024 MONOLITH rifle

Kat with  @GlobalOrdnance  shows us the MONOLITH rifle at SHOT Show booth 72227 as seen in @recoilmagazine.

The Monolith will be available in 16.1” rifle, 12.6” pistol, and SBR configurations. It harnesses all of the advantages of a new bufferless operating system while incorporating a unique single-piece integrated barrel system and fully ambidextrous controls.

Monolith Key Features

-Simplified Design: Monolith uses over a dozen fewer parts than a traditional AR. -Bufferless System: The Monolith’s operating system eliminates any need for a buffer assembly, streamlining its structure for increased efficiency and reduced weight.

-Integrated Components: The single-piece Monolith barrel is a precise and flawlessly engineered combination of Dead Air’s Keymo Brake muzzle device, gas block, and barrel extension; no need to pin and weld!

-Refined Gas Flow: A 45-degree gas port ensures perfect gas flow and decreasing traditional gas port size, optimizing the Monolith’s performance as a suppressor host.

-Enhanced rifling: The Monolith boasts superior barrel rifling for unmatched accuracy.

-Heavy Duty Bolt: Monoliths features a rugged, heavy-duty bolt for reliability and longevity. -Interlocking Upper Receiver / Handguard: An innovative interlock feature between the upper receiver and handguard promotes added stability while simultaneously contributing to the platform’s accuracy.

-Integrated Folding Adjustable F5 Modular Stock: Monolith’s versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of an integrated, folding, adjustable F5 Modular Stock assembly.

-Ambidextrous controls: The Monolith prioritizes manipulability with ambi controls, including a newly patented bolt release.


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