Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Shot Show 2024

Alexander with  @arrowheadtacticalapparel  shows us whats new for 2024. Their Traveler Joggers retain the DNA that has made Arrowhead a market leader while adding highly anticipated new features inspired by community feedback. The beating heart of the Traveler Joggers is their venerable Carrier Retention Waistband for concealed carry, but that’s just the start. check out […]

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Stealth Arms Platypus Shot Show 2024

Look for these on our site coming VERY VERY SOON! we can’t WAIT to get a TACTICAL SHIT version. Zoe with  @StealtharmsNet  Stealth Arms’ new double-stack pistol based on the 1911 platform. Compatible with Glock® magazines. The 9mm Platypus™️ works with Glock® 17 magazines while maintaining the 1911 grip angle. With our online builder you […]

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DuraCoat Firearm Finishes Shot Show 2024

Amy with  @DuraCoatFirearmFinishes  shows us their DuraCoat Bad Ass Finishes. check out the features, just don’t huff it- -Built in Self-Lubricating for reduced friction and added lubricity. Perfect for use on moving parts, internals, and holstered firearms. -Self-Etching for increased adhesion. Actually eats into the metal so it’s not coming off! -Extra Anti-Corrosion inhibitors for […]

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Global Ordinance Shot Show 2024 MONOLITH rifle

Kat with  @GlobalOrdnance  shows us the MONOLITH rifle at SHOT Show booth 72227 as seen in @recoilmagazine. The Monolith will be available in 16.1” rifle, 12.6” pistol, and SBR configurations. It harnesses all of the advantages of a new bufferless operating system while incorporating a unique single-piece integrated barrel system and fully ambidextrous controls. Monolith […]

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Accu-Tac Shot Show 2024

Joe from  @accutacarms6662  shows us their new product the Hydro Pod. This model is meant to cater to long-range and extreme long-range users, but will also be a great tool for any precision-driven user. The Hydro-Bipod has the ability to cant, and the center hub has a hydraulic vertical adjustment option that can be adjusted […]

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Olympus Arms Shot Show 2024

Michael with @olympusarmsofficial tells us about their long recoil 308. The Vulcan rifle is a long-recoil, multi-caliber, recoilless and modular firearm that can be configured in a variety of different ways. It is currently chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51mm, but can be easily converted to fire other calibers with a 60-second, no-tool barrel change. Current features […]

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Winchester Arms Dog Gear Shot Show 2024

Long time friend of Tactical Shit, Clint Walker shows us around the  @WinchesterRepeatingArms  booth at  @shotshow  2024 showing us something OTHER than a firearm. Here we are looking at the newest line of their PREMIUM PET PRODUCTS! Check Out The Rest Of Our Shot Show Coverage Here!

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Daniel Defense H9 ShotShow 2024

Jim with  @DanielDefense  H9, STRIKER-FIRED MEETS 1911 While sharing the ergonomics, pointability, and straight-pull trigger with the classic 1911, the DANIEL H9 has everything demanded of a modern, striker-fired handgun. And, as with every Daniel, it’s all built around a cold hammer forged barrel for unparalleled precision. Check Out The Rest Of Our Shot Show […]

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Anderson Manufacturing Shotshow 2024

Jeremy and Kyle of  @AndersonManufacturing  show us their KIGER-9c Pro & L line. Built on an original polymer frame, with over-molded slide rails, the Anderson KIGER-9c PRO is a striker-fired, compact handgun. The PRO features an RMR footprint complemented by steel, suppressor height sights for a co-witness opportunity in sight picture. The PRO’s DLC coated, […]

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AMI Defense Shot Show 2024

Tom and Art of @amidefense1620 show us a few their new 1911 castings and AR15/ar10 Armorers wrench. Finally they show off some of their NEW 80 and 100% lowers and ar triggers. The AMI Defense 1911 frame has three options to offer you: Frame blank with no machining, 80% of the machining done, or 100% […]

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