Anderson Manufacturing Shotshow 2024

Jeremy and Kyle of  @AndersonManufacturing  show us their KIGER-9c Pro & L line. Built on an original polymer frame, with over-molded slide rails, the Anderson KIGER-9c PRO is a striker-fired, compact handgun. The PRO features an RMR footprint complemented by steel, suppressor height sights for a co-witness opportunity in sight picture. The PRO’s DLC coated, 416 stainless steel slide also features lightening cuts on either side at the front with a port directly behind the front sight. This slide is paired with a DLC coated, fluted, 416R stainless steel barrel, effectively making this more lightweight than its predecessor with the same accuracy and smooth function.

They also show us the Frontline Series of ARs we will have them ALL IN STOCK SOON

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