Stealth Arms Platypus Shot Show 2024

Look for these on our site coming VERY VERY SOON! we can’t WAIT to get a TACTICAL SHIT version. Zoe with  @StealtharmsNet  Stealth Arms’ new double-stack pistol based on the 1911 platform. Compatible with Glock® magazines. The 9mm Platypus™️ works with Glock® 17 magazines while maintaining the 1911 grip angle. With our online builder you […]

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DuraCoat Firearm Finishes Shot Show 2024

Amy with  @DuraCoatFirearmFinishes  shows us their DuraCoat Bad Ass Finishes. check out the features, just don’t huff it- -Built in Self-Lubricating for reduced friction and added lubricity. Perfect for use on moving parts, internals, and holstered firearms. -Self-Etching for increased adhesion. Actually eats into the metal so it’s not coming off! -Extra Anti-Corrosion inhibitors for […]

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Global Ordinance Shot Show 2024 MONOLITH rifle

Kat with  @GlobalOrdnance  shows us the MONOLITH rifle at SHOT Show booth 72227 as seen in @recoilmagazine. The Monolith will be available in 16.1” rifle, 12.6” pistol, and SBR configurations. It harnesses all of the advantages of a new bufferless operating system while incorporating a unique single-piece integrated barrel system and fully ambidextrous controls. Monolith […]

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Olympus Arms Shot Show 2024

Michael with @olympusarmsofficial tells us about their long recoil 308. The Vulcan rifle is a long-recoil, multi-caliber, recoilless and modular firearm that can be configured in a variety of different ways. It is currently chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51mm, but can be easily converted to fire other calibers with a 60-second, no-tool barrel change. Current features […]

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Winchester Arms Dog Gear Shot Show 2024

Long time friend of Tactical Shit, Clint Walker shows us around the  @WinchesterRepeatingArms  booth at  @shotshow  2024 showing us something OTHER than a firearm. Here we are looking at the newest line of their PREMIUM PET PRODUCTS! Check Out The Rest Of Our Shot Show Coverage Here!

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