Former HK Social Media Girl Wants You to Hunt Pedophiles!

Former HK Social Media Girl Wants You to Hunt Pedophiles
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Oh and she has cancer, but that is irrelevant and she does not want to talk about that.

Recently everyone’s favorite IG and FB Troll broke the internet when she posted these thirst quenching photos holding a sign that simply reads:

“Hunt Your Local Pedophiles”

Now if you have not heard about the Former HK Social Media Girl, her real name (or at least her other name on social media) is Rebecca Lemick.  A self professed “dependa” military wife, half Jewish and half Latino Christian daughter of a diplomat.  She is famous for her epic trolling of the likes of Garand Thumb and Highpoint (remember the Yeet Cannon Incident?)

REDACTED  Ok, enough about Rebecca Lemick aka SMG.  Lets talk about her newest project.

After seeing her picture and learning what the project was about, we contacted SMG.  Here is what she had to say:

The mission statement basically [sic] to assist victims of pedophilia and human trafficking as making sure pedophiles won’t fly under the radar by making sure people know of the Offender Locator App to know who the pedophiles are close to them and where they live. And have funds and resources for militia group who apply for our assistance and support with gear and legal protection for them to monitor and stop repeat offenders and perform rescue operations for children being trafficked. Whom we will assist in recovering from the trauma and provide them with legal help, medical, counseling, and therapy to transition from the trauma. Also to provide support for individuals who have taken action against pedophilia (parents killing their kids Attacker) with support, legal assistance to reduce sentence and advocacy and lobbying on their behalf for stricter laws on pedophiles and human traffickers and reduced sentences for parents acting in defense of their children or individuals who acted.
Yup, you read that correctly, she is advocating vigilantism against convicted pedophiles openly.  When confronted by pedophile apologists on social media, this is what she had to say:
As you can see, she admits to having Cancer and not giving a Fuck!  She does not however indicate what kind of Cancer she is fighting or at what stage or severity.  She does ask that we don’t ask.  To elaborate; since she doesn’t want to focus on what she can’t control and exasperate the anxiety from her diagnosis when everything that’s being done is being done. So keep your essential oils and CBd cure to yourself and respect this boundary that’s she made to help her get through as stress free as she can so she can use her energy to focus on what she can control and change and commit to fighting to end pedophilia by setting the foundation of the nonprofit for others to keep building on   She furthermore clarified that she is doing nothing wrong since “pedophiles are not people”.

We will be following her project and keeping you updated as we go.  Her first mission is to get people to download the Offender Locator App for iPhone or the Offender Locator App for Android and be aware of how good the hunting might be in your neighborhood.

Tactical Shit is in no way affiliated with the Offender Locator App. Happy Hunting!

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