Fists Fly and Tempers Flare: See The Wild Brawl Broke Out Over a Photo Op at Disney World!

According to FOX 35 Orlando, a large incident between two families at Walt Disney World started around 2:30 pm on Monday. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s office, the argument started when one family was requested to make way for another so that they could snap a photo near the park’s 100th-anniversary sign.

Police officials said that a larger family posed for a picture where the other family was standing.

Following the request, one family member reportedly hit a member of the opposing family in the face, according to FOX 35 Orlando.

An all-out brawl then ensued.


Three people are seen pushing one another at the beginning of the video before other family members join in. They all punch and wrestle with one another repeatedly.

Other family members tackle and pin down one man to the ground. As two more men approach and bring him to the ground, the rain starts to pour.

The fight then includes a family member who is standing next to a young girl. The family is still torturing each other mercilessly.

Security personnel and Disney employees eventually show up to disperse the altercation. According to the Daily Mail, there were approximately ten individuals involved in the commotion.

After the incident, at least one individual got medical attention, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, but no charges were filed. The larger family was compelled to leave Disney World with two members.

There have been fights in the park before. Another altercation between two families broke out in Disney World’s Fantasyland last July, leading to the hospitalization of one person.">