US Soldier Ignores Law and Invites Illegals onto Private Property!

A terrible new video that shows the administration’s callous disregard for this extremely critical issue has surfaced as the crisis at the southern border grows.

Following President Joe Biden’s decision to allow the Title 42 immigration limitations to expire last week, a large number of migrants were eager to cross the border and enter the country illegally.

The Biden administration has been utterly mute and appears unconcerned about what is becoming a critical scenario as communities and states along the border continue to struggle with the surge.

Just how little the federal government cares about upholding the law is now demonstrated in a new video from Texas.

The incident was seen on camera at Eagle Point, Texas, as a border patrol boat watched from across the river as a soldier seemed to unlock a gate to a private plot of land, allowing the migrants to enter the property against the law. Then a bus shows up to transport the migrants.

After discovering the footage, journalist Bill Melugin was able to identify that the soldier was a member of the Missouri national guard acting on orders from the federal government and supporting border patrol.

This video contains a number of extremely disturbing elements. The first is that a soldier acting on orders from the federal government opened the gate so the migrants could enter.

Further evidence that this was coordinated and planned by those responsible for guarding the border can be found in the border police boat on the river and the bus that arrived to pick them up.

Not to disparage the men and women who work for the national guard or border patrol; after all, the majority of them presumably want to maintain the safety of the border. However, they are ruled by the federal government, which orders them to admit these individuals.

A video showing Biden’s response to the circumstance has surfaced in the interim. When questioned about the situation at the border, he responded that things were “better” than he had anticipated and that he had no plans to go there.

Thus, we have a president who seems utterly unconcerned with the grave issues at the southern border and a federal administration that appears to be directing border patrol to throw open the gates at will.

This is essentially a prescription for catastrophe.

Given this blatant disregard for the law, it should come as no surprise that some GOP leaders are demanding that high-ranking Biden administration officials bear heavy consequences for the catastrophe.

America’s border security has been entirely neglected by the Biden administration, and the situation is just getting worse.">