FBI Agents Point M-16s at Innocent Children of Catholic Father…(VIDEO)

Mark Houck, a devout Catholic father of seven, spoke before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and related a terrifying incident with federal agents and a subsequent legal dispute that endangered his family’s safety.

In the event, five federal officials showed up at Houck’s house around 6:30 in the morning brandishing M-16 weapons at him and his seven children. This happened on September 23.

Houck described the circumstances leading up to the confrontation. Houck has been actively involved in pro-life activism in Philadelphia for the past 20 years. He spoke of a cordial encounter that occurred on October 13, 2021, while he and his son, age 12, were outside an abortion facility praying.

After giving books to two women who had left the facility, an escort from the structure impeded him and started a conversation.

Later, the same bodyguard, who was later identified as Bruce Love, approached Houck’s son and began to torment him, calling him names and making erroneous assertions about what his father was planning. Houck attempted to step in and ask Love to keep a polite distance, but the verbal abuse persisted.

When Houck finally punched Love in support of his son, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the district attorney later dismissed the resulting criminal charge.


Houck and his family’s experience did not, however, come to an end there. He received a target letter informing him that he was the subject of a federal indictment just five days after the complaint was dismissed. Houck’s lawyer had earlier made an effort to get in touch with the assistant U.S. attorney in charge of the case but had not heard back, leaving them in the dark about the accusations.

Houck’s home was invaded by federal and state law enforcement officers on September 23 using both unmarked and marked vehicles, forcing entry. Houck and his wife were confronted by the agents, who demanded entrance while pointing M-16 guns at them without first identifying themselves. Houck’s wife was understandably concerned and questioned why there wasn’t an arrest warrant for him. Without a warrant, the officers insisted on detaining him, which resulted in a protracted trial and a potential 11-year prison sentence.

“They pointed M16 guns at me and my wife. My wife comes down and says, ‘Do you have a warrant for his arrest?’ They said, ‘We’re taking him with or without a warrant.’ My wife said, ‘You can’t do that. That’s kidnapping.’”

Fortunately, Houck and his family were exonerated following a hard four-and-a-half-month trial. Although his family was saved from being torn apart by the verdict, the emotional toll and pain they experienced cannot be discounted.

The worrying episode has sparked concerns over the behavior of federal officials and the misuse of government authority. Concerns concerning the deterioration of civil liberties and individual rights are raised by the use of threatening techniques and the lack of valid identification during the raid on Houck’s residence.

Houck’s story serves as a strong reminder that anyone involved in peaceful activism shouldn’t have to deal with such harsh responses from the police. The House Judiciary Committee and other pertinent authorities must thoroughly investigate the behavior of the federal agents engaged as this matter receives more attention to ensure that justice and accountability are upheld.