Brazilian Police Slottin Some Floppies!*Graphic*

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Slottin Floppies is a term that refers to either how insurgents would flop down dead when shot or the floppy hats that the insurgents wore during the Rhodesian Bush War. This term has now become one of many universal terms for putting insurgents down.

In Brazil it is no different.

According to Funker530 if a person is walking down the side of the street openly carrying an assault rifle in America, it is not a clear indication of criminal intent. We have laws that allow people to do this, and we also have people who do this with zero ill-intent in mind. In Brazil however, this is not the case. Openly carrying an assault rifle in an area that is often the location of criminal attacks against law enforcement is proof of guilt, and cause for swift justice from a jury that is also your executioner.

If it weren’t for these Law Enforcement Officers Brazil would be over run with crime from these cartels and gangs.

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