Benghazi Heroes Come Together to Fight Sex Trafficking in America

The last time three Benghazi heroes were in a movie together was, uh, never.   That is what makes this new project from Country Star Ryan Weaver and Executive Producer TJ Kirgin so exciting!  You may remember the music video for Ryan Weavers song Burn and how it starred Kris “Tanto” Paronto as well as John “Tig” Tiegen, both surviving warriors of Benghazi.  They were also co-writers of the book and movie “13 Hours, The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”.

Who is Ryan Weaver?

Ryan Weaver is a combat black hawk pilot and two time Gold Star Family member.  Ryan  graduated top of his class in flight school, becoming a Black Hawk Aviator. In April 2003, he deployed to Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Shortly after, one of his brothers, Aaron, was deployed just west of him in Fallujah.

On January 8, 2004, Aaron was killed in action.  On December 17, 2013 Ryan’s brother-in-law, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Randy Billings, was killed in action in Afghanistan when the Black Hawk helicopter he was piloting was shot down by an enemy ground-detonated explosive device. This second heartbreaking loss made the Weaver family a two-time Gold Star family. Both of his brothers’ ultimate sacrifices continue to fuel Ryan’s fire to accomplish his dreams in music.

The Short Film & Music Video About Human Trafficking in America

Well, the time has come for Ryan to do another music video.  This time the production will be for his new release “Arrival” .  This time, Ryan Weaver wanted to outdo himself so after getting his friends Tanto and Tig to say yes, he reached out to Dave “Boon” Benton and asked him if he would be involved in the project.  Dave said, “Because you’re asking, I will do it” and the table was set for the most epic collaboration for the most important of causes.

It was decided that the music video would come second and that Arrival would be a short film with one goal, to increase awareness regarding Sex Trafficking in America.  Human trafficking in America is a huge problem that nobody wants to talk about.  It is a 38 billion dollar a year industry that affects boys, girls, men and women of all ages, races, religions and economic classes.  It is also a problem that many returning combat veterans have sworn to fight which is why very quickly JP Cervantes and Craig “Sawman” Sawyer jumped on board the project.  Both these heroes spend their daily lives combating sex trafficking and child slavery in the streets of North and South America actually bringing kids home!

Since then the cast has grown to include personalities from all corners of the veteran, law enforcement and 2nd amendment communities including Brandon Tatum, Dianna Muller and Corrine MosherAdam Dispirito has signed on as copywriter and begun the process of writing a script that will be realistic (based on an actual sex trafficking case) as well as emotional and entertaining with just the right amount of authentic action that only the heroes of Benghazi could deliver.  To bring the story and the action to life they have engaged Triple Martini Productions led by Christopher Martini (the brother of Max Martini that played “Oz” in 13 Hours)

The movie is currently set to be shot in Florida this summer at BAT Defense using Mini Birds, Blackhawks, Airboats and Tactical Assets.

We need your help!

The movie is currently completely self funded  and is seeking brands to support the fight against Human Trafficking in America.  They have also launched a Indiegogo campaign to get grass roots support in case the big corporate guys don’t come through.

If you are a brand and are interested in supporting this film contact Danger Close Media Group.

If you are an American Patriot that is tired of our children being kidnapped, raped and murdered while the media and government look the other way, please contribute what you can at">