Another Travel Blogging Couple Captured In Iran Trying To Disprove “Stigma” Of Traveling To Some Countries

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Here we go again…

Another travel blogging couple set out to “try to break the stigma around travelling to countries which get a bad wrap in the media,” and guess what, theres a reason those countries have a stigma and they are finding out first hand. The couple was arrested  In Tehran Iran for flying a drone. To make matters worse they are detained in the notorious Evin prison which has been described as hell on earth.

Fox news reports that Beatings, torture, mock executions and brutal interrogations are the norm at Evin prison, where for four decades the anguished cries of prisoners have been swallowed up by the drab walls of the low-slung lockup in northwestern Tehran.

They have reportedly been detained for 10 weeks a little over 2 and a half months.

According to FoxNews The Times of London revealed the young British-Australian woman and her Australian partner were arrested 10 weeks ago.

King and Firkin have frequently used a drone in the photos and videos published of their travels through Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

King and Firkin run a YouTube channel called The Way Overland. Their last video was posted more than 11 weeks ago, in June this year, about driving through Pakistan.

Their last Instagram update on their shared account was posted on June 26.

The pair left Perth in July 2017 in a Toyota LandCruiser bound for the U.K.

“Our families hope to see Mark and Jolie safely home as soon as possible,” their families said in a statement today, issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. “We have no further comment to make at this stage and ask that the media respects our privacy at this difficult time.”

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Stop going to these countries that you know damn well hate anything western. Take a detour because you know they look for any excuse to incarcerate you.

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