“High Capacity” Magazine Ban Advances in Dem. Controlled House!!!

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I can already read the comment section now. “iTs jUst tHe hOuSe, iT’ll nEvR pAsS tHe sEnate…” this is a terrible mindset. These laws should never even make it past the house. However, now that the Democrats control it they are able to push their agendas one step closer to becoming laws stripping citizens from their constitutional rights!

For years democrats have been screaming for the ban of “High capacity” magazines or any magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and as of yesterday they are one step closer.

A bill that bans “High capactiy” magazines has passed the house Judiciary committee they passed several other bills including a red flag bill as wells as a variety of other gun control measures

According to KTLA the bill would still need to be voted on by the full House to advance and the GOP controlled Senate has not said what if any gun control legislation it would take up.

The red flag legislation that the committee voted on Tuesday would set up a federal grant program to incentivize states to establish red flag laws — otherwise known as extreme risk protection orders, which enable a court to intervene and temporarily prevent someone who is in crisis from having access to a firearm. It would also create a federal extreme risk protection order program.

The committee also voted to advance a bill to prevent individuals convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing firearms.

A number of Republican lawmakers spoke in opposition to the bill ahead of the vote, arguing that red flag laws deny due process to Americans. Democrats in favor of the legislation countered that the legislation would protect due process rights.

The debate in the committee grew emotional at times

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So what can we do? Well, for starters support an organizations that ACTUALLY FIGHTS unconstitutional gun laws!

and For those of you who haven’t heard. You need to do more than share a post on Facebook. Contact your representatives. Go vote. Be active in this political battle. Because sharing a post on social media is not enough. The gun grabbers are doing that and more. They have an automated system to send letters to their representatives no thanks to a certain shoe company. Why dont we? More and more anti gun legislation is being passed and submitted. It is up to us to fight it! Yes we beat this paragraph into the ground and we are going to continue to do so every time one of these bills rears its ugly head.

You can also Join the FPC in battling mission-critical Second Amendment lawsuits, or working to stop anti-gun bills in Congress, They are doing everything in our power to stop anti-gun billionaires like Bloomberg and overreaching politicians like Dianne Feinstein.

The only way to fund the pro-liberty lawyers, lobbyists, and grassroots activists is through the support of their members, so please consider joining the FPC Grassroots Army.

By joining FPC, you will help defend the Constitution from civilian disarmament and restore our Founders’ Second Amendment.

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Don’t put this off! The Second Amendment hangs in the balance. Join the FPC Today and help fight unconstitutional gun laws!

Furthermore, Liberal Tears has pledged to send a portion of every dollar spent on their products to the Firearms Policy Coalition. 2 things happen when you shop at liberal tears the first is your guns are protected from rust and second they are protected from liberals as part of the proceeds are used to fight all unconstitutional gun laws.!


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