Who would win? Anti Military YouTuber or a Drill sergeant?

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This isn’t even a discussion its obviously the YouTuber… if hell has froze over, Hilary was the president, and pigs are flying.  But here in reality this idiot gets torn to absolute pieces and it is absolutely epic.

“…Thank me for my service”

Yes. The anti-military youtuber Onision actually said this. The self entitled prick wants to talk down to his wing-men who were trying to turn their lives around. He wants to talk down to the military. Shit like this is why we cant have nice things. If I had to imagine his basic training experience Im willing to bet money it was pretty close to private piles. The FUCK UP of his squadron. Literally the living embodiment of Carl.

The self entitlement and ignorance is astounding.

Luckily for all of us YouTuber AngryCops, a Former drill instructor, quickly addresses the problem!


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