What the town of Eatonville voted to do to this officer is infuriating!

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You would think the Eatonville town council would think to take great care of this LEO Hero.

WFTV9 reports!

EATONVILLE, Fla. – The Eatonville Town Council voted Tuesday night to pay some of Officer Omar Delgado’s accrued sick time before he is dismissed from the police force on Dec. 31.

Delgado was declared a hero the night of the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando after he pulled victim Angel Colon to safety.

Delgado told Channel 9 that he has been on light duty since the Pulse attack due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The department has since deemed him unfit for duty and Delgado’s last day on the force will be Dec. 31, six months before he qualifies for his pension from the town.

After it came to light that Delgado was being let go, Colon spoke out.

Colon was shot six times during the June 12, 2016, Pulse attack and said that Delgado saved his life.

“He was my hero,” Colon said. “He saved my life, and for them to just do what they’re doing in front of my face, it’s a slap to my face as well.”

Colon attended the Eatonville Town Council meeting Tuesday night to decry the city’s decision to let Delgado go.

“God sent him and he was my hero that night,” Colon said. “Without him, who knows if I would have stayed inside that club and not made it out.”

Colon would like to see the city stand behind Delgado and get him the help he needs, instead of dismissing him from the force.

“To be at work with PTSD, it’s something that’s impossible, but at the same time, you can’t just throw him out like that. He needs help,” Colon said. “He was there. He did his job that night on June 12, so they should have his back 100 percent, totally, and be there for whatever he needs.”

Delgado couldn’t believe that the town won’t let him continue with the Eatonville Police Department long enough to qualify for his pension.


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