Watch, Man Stops Home Invasion With AR15!

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A man in Omaha, Nebraska stopped a home invasion with his AR15!

According to Ammoland an apartment resident named Mark had some friends visiting him. He heard persistent knocking at the door. It got louder, so he looked out the peephole. Outside, he saw an unknown man at the door with another behind him who had a mask on.

He locked the door and went to get his rifle, a Ruger AR 556 (AR-15 clone). In the video, just as he returns, the door is kicked in with a rear spear type kick. As the home invader turns around, he sees the rifle pointed at him, and flees, all in less than two seconds, according to the camera clock.

John Correia, of Active Self Protection, does a running commentary on the lessons learned from this encounter, on one of his videos. John interviewed Mark, which is where we were able to obtain details such as police response, lack of media coverage, and Marks mental process. Mark and his friends were not engaged in any illegal activity, nor did they know or recognize the home invaders.

Several things stand out. The first is Mark used the peephole to discover something was wrong, rather than opening the door.  That allowed him to lock the door as well as to retrieve his rifle. He had situational awareness…

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In a world where gun grabbers are constantly shouting no one needs an ar15 or you cant defend yourself with an AR15 this video just goes to disprove their idiotic rhetoric. Not only was the invasion stopped but was done so without a shot being fired.

They covered the clicking noises in the video interview with active self protection. It was not from the trigger but rather an anomaly in the camera or weights in the other room resetting when the door was kicked.

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