Wanna be Mall Ninja Pulls Gun On Uniformed On Duty Officer!*Video*

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What in the cinnamon toast fuck is this shit! A rent a cop for an IRS office pulled his gun on a uniformed on duty police officer after the officer simply came into the officer to asak a question about a letter he received in the mail. The security guard continued to follow the officer weapon drawn throughout the building…

According to ABC13 news Now that security guard is facing criminal charges as the deputy wraps his head around almost being killed in what should have been a very basic situation.

That deputy came here to 4 Seagate to ask a question at the IRS office. A step that nearly cost him his life.

As Lucas County Sheriff’s deputy Alan Gaston enters the IRS office, he’s in full uniform with his badge with his firearm visible.

He was on duty May 31st but says he stopped at the office for a phone number to ask about a letter he got from the IRS. Deputy Gaston says the guard told him he needed to put his gun in his car. Gaston said he couldn’t do that. The conversation ends with a gun pointed at the deputy’s back. Gaston vividly remembers “that” moment.

“Basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot in my back,” said Gaston.

The whole thing caught on security cameras, as the guard follows deputy Gaston to the elevator with the gun out and it appear his finger very close to the trigger. The guard then tries to take Gaston into custody, once again with the gun drawn.

“There’s really no way to know how you’re going to act…

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What would possibly convince a security guard that they even have this much authority. In most cases they cannot even detain a regular person.

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