Venezuelan Military Releases Video to Intimidate U.S. Marines. Fails!

Venezuela tried… and fucking failed! Not just on socialism but on social media as well after they released a video trying to Intimidate the United States Marines. The video itself should definitely be put under comedy as the socialist country probably couldn’t even afford to shoot live rounds so they edited in the machine gun fire. Yes. Somehow they think that AKs magically fire without magazines or munitions. The entire video seems to take place in a public park. Apparently the Venezuelan Military thinks they are going to Run In Place us to death. We know 5 year old girls who have a scarier battle cry. Willing to bet the guy behind the recoiless rifle at the end is safe from back blast as that is probably empty too.

As you can imagine. The Marines are laughing in their faces and the comments are fucking gold!

Video Below

You can view the super scary video here… /Sarcasm">