Uprising In Venezuela Turns Violent! *Video-Graphic*

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Leave it to a socialist leader to violently attack his own people. This is why we DO NOT want socialism in America. It DOES NOT work and just results in peoples suffering. It has failed time and time again throughout history and often the Dictators that love it resort to violence when the people no longer support it.

Vz government retreating after being ambushed by Molotov squad

Posted by Implying We Can Discuss Weapons on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Foxnews Reports that emboldened supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido brutally clashed with Venezuelan security forces as dramatic footage from Caracas showed a military armored vehicle plowing into the crowd.

In a video broadcast live on telecasts across the world, the armored vehicle can be seen driving over the center of a road, hitting a crowd of demonstrators purportedly throwing rocks at security forces. No injuries were immediately reported.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL., denounced the actions by Venezuelan security forces, saying that “military and security leaders must realize they are and will be held responsible for this,” he said on Twitter.

The dramatic events come after Guaido, alongside detained activist Leopoldo Lopez, called for a military uprising Tuesday morning in his boldest action to oust socialist leader Nicolas Maduro.

“The armed forces have taken the right decision,” Guaido said earlier Tuesday. “With the support of the Venezuelan people and the backing of our constitution, they are on the right side of history.”

He added: “The moment is now.”

Posted by Implying We Can Discuss Weapons on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, accompanied by civilian protesters and a small contingent of heavily armed troops, called Tuesday for the military to rise up and oust socialist leader Nicolás Maduro.

Maduro tried to project an image of strength, saying he had spoken to several regional military commanders who reaffirmed their loyalty to his socialist revolution.

“Nerves of steel!,” he said in a message posted on Twitter.

Posted by Implying We Can Discuss Weapons on Tuesday, April 30, 2019


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