Terrorist act leaves 3 dead, several wounded, gunman on the run in France!

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A shooting that took place in Strasbourg, France leaving 3 dead and several wounded is being treated as a terrorists attack. As you can imagine with strict gun laws the citizens were left unable to defend themselves. Interestingly enough this very topic had been brought to light Ironically by CNN after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. The men who attacked Charlie Hebdo were carrying Kalashnikov rifles. Such weapons are highly restricted and not available to civilians in the country. The punishment for having an illegal weapon in France is a maximum of seven years in prison and a fine. So why didn’t the strict gun control laws stop this shooting? Maybe its because gun control DOES NOT STOP CRIMINALS. It certainly seems to have prevented law abiding citizens minding their own business from defending themselves though.

Strasbourg shooting

At least one dead, 10 injured in Strasbourg shooting | https://bit.ly/2LcYOGO

Posted by RTÉ News on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fox News Reports A shooting in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday killed three people, wounded at least 11 others and is being treated as an act of “terror,” police and government officials said, adding that the gunman is on the run.

The suspect opened fire in downtown Strasbourg on Orfevre Street around 8 p.m. local time, the Préfet de la région Grand-Est et du Bas-Rhin revealed on Twitter.

Of the 11 people, seven of them were badly injured and four suffered minor wounds, the officials said.

The gunman is known to police and has a criminal record, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters.

Part of the incident took place in a Christmas market at Rue des Grandes Arcades and unfolded on different streets in the city, Strasbourg Mayor Roland Ries said. Military forces were helping the police, according to the mayor.

It was not immediately clear what may have sparked the event.

The Interior Ministry instructed people in Strasbourg to stay inside due to a “serious security event” taking place, The Associated Press reported.

Government officials in the region also took to Twitter…

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