Surveillance Video Shows rifles shot into air at North St. Louis Gas Station!

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A video posted to Liveleak that was obtained from the St. Louis Police Department shows several subjects firing guns into the air with complete disregard as to where the bullets will eventually fall. The firearms appear to be mostly of the AK variant variety. One man is even seen hanging out the window of a moving vehicle firing into the air. On lookers and bystanders seem completely numb to this as it is reported that this is a common occurrence.

according to KMOV

Police said they’ve had problems with ‘Cruising’ for years; crowds of young adults or teens driving around a business as well as hanging out there with friends and showing off their cars. Now, police have noticed a trend in ‘armed cruising.’

Police released video of people carrying assault rifles and firing them off into the air at the Energy Express Travel Center- Phillips 66 gas station located on North Broadway and Grand.

The business has resorted to chaining off all but one entrance, apparently to make it inconvenient for cruisers in hopes of discourage them from…

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Photo Credit: St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

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