Supreme court wont hear suppressor cases!

Of course they wont and it doesn’t come as a shock after the president comments regarding the use of a suppressor during the Va beach shooting. Of course these comments may have been swayed after various anti gun groups and media outlets made the claim that silencers make a gun whisper quiet and only assassins have them… which many who have used a suppressor even with subsonic ammo know this is complete bullshit.

According to abcNews the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to federal regulation of gun silencers Monday, just days after a gunman used one in a shooting rampage that killed 12 people in Virginia.

The justices did not comment in turning away appeals from two Kansas men who were convicted of violating federal law regulating silencers. The men argued that the constitutional right “to keep and bear arms” includes silencers.

In the silencer cases, Kansas and seven other states joined in a court filing urging justices to hear the appeals. The states said the court should affirm that the Second Amendment protects “silencers and other firearms accessories.” The other states are: Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

President Donald Trump’s administration asked the court to stay out of the case and leave the convictions in place.

Shane Cox, owner of a military surplus store, was convicted of making and transferring an unregistered silencer, and customer Jeremy Kettler was convicted of possessing one, all in violation of the 85-year-old National Firearms Act. Both men were sentenced to probation…

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This would be the time to start contacting your representatives and letting them know that pushing unconstitutional laws is a direct oath of office and you will vote accordingly come next election.">