STL K9 Officer Dies Under Suspicions Circumstances

The Savannah (Missouri) Police Department confirmed on Monday that one of its K-9 officers died last Thursday after being left in a hot car overnight.

According to Savannah Chief of Police David Vincent, K-9 Officer Horus died after completing his overnight patrol shift in the small town where he had served for over three years.

Vincent said the death is under investigation.

“Due to this being an open investigation, there will be no further information released until the investigation is completed,” he said. “The entire department would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we deal with the loss of our partner, Horus.”

The name or status of the law enforcement officer responsible for K-9 Horus’s death has not been revealed nor has there been an explanation for the animal’s death.

Since Horus’ death, the community of Savannah and many others have been expressing their outrage and seeking justice on social media for the loss of the young German Shepherd.

The big questions are whether the police officer and caretaker of Horus will be held accountable in a Missouri court, whether the police department will reprimand or revoke the officer’s law enforcement license, and whether the death was accidental or intentional.

A bill was recently sent to Gov. Mike Parson’s desk after a St. Joseph K-9 was killed in the line of duty in 2021. Called Max’s Law , it would increase penalties for injuring and killing animals in law enforcement. It states that if a law enforcement animal is assaulted and dies, the person responsible could face a Class D felony charge in Missouri.

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