Rare Breed Triggers Has 1st Day in Court Against ATF

If you don’t have the time to read just watch the video!

We were in court on Monday the Judge ruled on the notions in front of him the defendants motion eliminanny was granted our motion eliminanny was denied.

That laid out the way things were going to go today in court.

Yesterday we had a scheduled hearing in our case vs Big Daddy Unlimited it went as to be expected just laid out dates and timelines for how things are gonna proceed.

Today In court and I will let you know right out of the gate the judge came out of his chambers spitting fire he could not have been more upset. He let us everyone in the court know they have been receiving phone calls from individuals telling the judge and his staff how they should be ruling on this case.

He couldn’t have been more upset I havent seen too many federal judges this upset.

So I kindly ask everyone please do not reach out to the judge or his staff In Email, phone call, Facebook anything I tremendously appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to help but if you wanna help reach out to your elected officials reach out to your state and federal representatives let them know how you feel about this but please for the love of all things holy leave the judge and his staff alone.

Now we’ll talk about how the day went Im just  gonna boil this down and keep it super simple.

We made our arguments the defence made absolutely zero arguments. We put numerous witnesses on the stand there was much questioning things went well in that area.

How did the day finish that’s the important part. A few options were put on the table actually 2 options were put on the table.

We will be filing a motion in brief to the court requesting that this entire manner be remanded back to the ATF.

Now what does that mean in layman’s terms as everyone knows the administrative records and the exam the exam is junk it’s trash and the administrative record is full of inaccuracies, miss truths, and just incorrect information.

Remanding it back to the atf gives them the opportunity to start from scratch and create a factually correct accurate report and a complete and accurate administration record and then we get another shot.

The other option was for the judge to just simply rule on our injunctive relief so a decision was not made today.

Now how this is gonna play out. We will file a motion in brief requesting a remand back to the ATF we probably will not be back in front of a judge for a month maybe a month and a half

For him to consider that. Now when that is put in front of him he is going to have options he can either rule in order that this be remanded back to the ATF and give them a opportunity to get it right this time. Or he can say no and he can simply rule on our request for injunctive relief.

So I don’t wanna say the can was just kicked down the road because I feel like truly we made some progress today this is fantastic it has now been recognized that the ATFs exam and administrative record is trash so we’ll see how this plays out I mean that’s fantastic for us.

So where are we today? It’s business as usual we sold out of our triggers today we pretty much sell out everyday.

We will continue moving forward and selling triggers that’s not gonna change.

I feel like i brought everyone to speed and that’s the day.