Dugan Ashley (Carnik Con) Says Goodbye & Begs for Help.

Dugan Ashley better known by his web handle Carnik Con, is a pioneer of the firearms “edutainment” back when gun youtube celebs could still get monetized.  Dugan’s channel has since been lost to the digital nether and the only documentation of his antics can be found HERE.

CarniK Con (Carnivorous Kinetic Concepts) was an American YouTube firearms comedy show known for its videos of firearms used in humorous scenarios and the heavy use of American symbolism. The channel debuted on Halloween 2012 and has since garnered a passionate following among gun enthusiasts across the internet. Videos typically feature Dugan Ashley and other members of CarniK Con conducting tests and evaluating firearms in unlikely, scripted scenarios. The show is typically filmed in Missouri where the group is based. CarniK Con’s video formats can range from music videos to short stories, to infomercials and 20 second shorts. The channel is also known for its firearms related meme development such as skittles and guns, SpongeBob SquarePants duct tape, Ryan Gosling and operators, and the beer company “Freedom America Ale.”

Since then Dugan kind of faded from the public eye, he appeared later on a NEW channel called “BoogerEater”  but the series was abruptly ended.  Dugan was and still is fighting a battle with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  His condition has since gone from bad to worse.  In his own words dealing with the VA, and the ongoing COVID complications has gotten him to a very low point, medically and in spirits.

12 hrs ago (10/7/21) Dugan appeared on a live stream to update us with his medical situation, you can watch the video in it’s entirety here.

With his left side paralyzed, the vertigo, and barely being able to walk Dugan is in need of your help.  If you know someone, work in, of can help him get access to the medical attention he so needs please, do not hesitate to contact these 2 emails, or donate to his GoFundme Account set up by the guys over at Noveske Rifleworks.



Dugan has given so much to this community, if you can please help him and his family in their time of need.