Rare Breed Triggers Accuse Big Daddy (BDU) of Patent Infringment

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You may have already heard of Rare Breed Triggers they make a forced reset trigger which has been the target of the ATF recently. Read More Here

In addition to their legal battle with the ATF they are now forced to protect their intellectual property as it appears that certain companies are taking advantage of their current weakness in effort to gain market share by marketing a triggers that look and function very similar to the Rare Breed FRT Trigger.

Recently their owner Lawrence DeMonico took to instagram and made claims that he believes his patent was being infringed on by Big Daddy Unlimited (BDU) with their WOT (Wide Open Trigger).


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Quotes and Information according to Lawrence DeMonico (Owner of Rare Breed Trigger)

“There is a trigger being manufactured by wide open enterprises and being sold by big daddy unlimited. People are saying we are involved and we approved this trigger. “We most assuredly are not involved and have absolutely not approve this trigger.”

“Based on a high demand for the FRT and limited production numbers we didn’t need need a relationship with BDU so we allowed them to stand as our exclusive distributor based on a long solid relationship with one of the directors.”

“Wide Open Enterprizes was established in may 2021 so within a few short months they had begun to work on what look like a direct knock off of our patented trigger. I have not seen or touched one but what we can be gathered from photos online I’m 99.99999% sure it will infringe on our patent. As most of you assume the relationship between Rare Breed and BDU has come to a end. In addition we have already served them with a cease and decease and will be following this to the full extent of the law. ”

“our patents protect us from anyone manufacturing a trigger that functions the same way no matter how it looks it also covers the ak platform as well as other platforms.”

“Unfortunately dealing with both of these issues has taken time money and energy away from the fight against the ATF and the DOJ but rest assured we will remain focused on the big picture, we will not give up the fight I appreciate everyone’s support thank you.”

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