Rare Breed Tells ATF “I Will Not Comply”

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Kevin Maxwell, legal counsel for Rare Breed, states the FRT-15 Is not a machine gun by testing and definition and “Will not comply” by the ATF’s Statement.  In the following documents below you will be able to see for yourself where Rick Vasquez Firearms LLC, 15 year veteran of the ATF, specifically says in Exhibit D “it is a LEGAL semi auto trigger”.  Mr. Vasquez goes into great detail describing not only the working mechanics of the trigger but also the mechanical stages the trigger goes through to perform it’s 1 shot per trigger pull function.  Allegedly there are hundreds of pages of documents providing to show that PRIOR to PRODUCTION this was a non issue and in accordance with the ATFs draconian rules and regulations.  Only AFTER this trigger went into production was ANY mention of it not being a 100% legal semi auto trigger.

Rare Breed , however, thankfully had the foresight to plan for such cloak and dagger tomfooleries to be performed by the ATF, and are FULLY prepared to take a stand and fight for what’s right.  Rare has asked that you, OUR READER, can also help, SPREAD THIS ARTICLE, with the documentation exposing the ATF’s bullying tactics.  Plainly said, THEY WILL NOT COMPLY, and they urge you all to do the same.  Help Rare fight back, STAND UP with them by sharing the article to your social media, and let’s all do our part in taking back our RIGHT to BEAR ARMS.

As evidence of the enormous amount of due diligence done by the brand prior to going to market.  Agent Vasquez is the sole reason there has never been a bump stock prosecution, he’s on fed payroll to determine what does and does not constitute a machine gun, he’s one of the experts the ATF would call in a trial like this, and prior to the trigger going to market, he, Agent Dan O’Kelly, and other ATF experts said “this is NOT a machine gun” in writing.

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Vasquez FRT-15 Letter Page 2Vasquez FRT-15 Letter Page 1Vasquez FRT-15 Letter Page 3


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