R.I.P. Round – The Last Round You'll Ever Need

R.I.P. Round – The Last Round You’ll Ever Need

By: Spike Bowan

©FrogDogWriting 2014


They’re calling it “The Last Round You’ll Ever Need…”

R.I.P. = Radically Invasive Projectile ( Although the innuendo of the name is very fitting.)

G2R has developed this devastating round in 9mm with future plans to release

– .380 ACP

-.357 SIG

-.40 CAL

-.45 ACP

-Shotgun Slugs


The 9mm round:

– 16″ Penetration

– Approximate 6″ diameter spread

– 96 gr projectile

– 2″ Grouping at 25 yrds

– 1265 FPS / 490 Muzzle Energy

– 9 Separate Wound Channels

– Precision Machined

– Solid Copper / Lead Free (Nice since the last lead smelter was closed.)

– Defeats all known barriers such as sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields, plywood, multiple layers of denim and/or heavy layers of clothing. Check out the video link below.


We are working tirelessly at Tactical Shit to become a dealer of this Phenomenal Ammunition. You can check out G2R’s web site for more information. www.G2RAMMO.com    and always check with us for info on when we will be getting this Devastating Ordinance!