The Prohibition Series- Flashbang Holsters

The Prohibition Series- Flashbang Holsters

By Spike Bowan

©FrogDogWriting 2014


We all know by now, about the genius invention called the Flashbang Holster. A concealment holster for women that attaches to their bras and allows a woman to carry comfortably and securely. Well Lisa Looper and the gang from Flashbang have done it again.

Flashbang Holsters:

Introducing the “Prohibition Series”. A line of holsters and belts geared towards, but not exclusive to men. Each of the products are named after famous Mob bosses and gangsters from the Prohibition Era. “We named the holsters after famous gangsters from that time period, because at that time the government was trying to ban and control alcohol and these guys fought back in a way. Today the government is trying to ban firearms and take away our Second Amendment rights. It seems only fitting.” Looper says.

fbcapone The “Capone” MSRP: 59.99

A Great concealment holster, the “Capone” allows for stability and security of your firearm while carrying. This one is for my Glock 19, and I find it very comfortable.

fbprettyboy The “Lucky Luciano” MSRP $24.99

The “Lucky Luciano” is a great concealment holster as well. I use mine for my FNH FNP9 9mm. You can’t even tell that I am carrying. There is no printing of my clothes and you can move easily. This is now my permanent concealment holster for my FN.

fbmaddog The “Mad Dog” MSRP $49.99

Mad Dog holds the gun in a straight up and down position instead of a forward cant. It is a fine way for someone to appendix carry. The make of this holster allows for a full combat grip on your weapon, and keeps it tucked in securely against your body.

fbbabyface The “Baby Face”  MSRP $64.99

A great behind the hip holster. The “Baby Face” is durable and smooth. hence the name.

fbpb2 The “Pretty Boy” MSRP $69.99

Don’t let the name fool you, this holster is ideal for “On the Job” concealment. The thumb break doesn’t tear the crap out of your thumb when you do draw your firearm. The comfort can’t be over estimated and it is sturdy as hell!

fbalcatrazThe “Alcatraz” MSRP $79.99

This is probably my favorite thing that I received from the Flashbang Crew! I am rocking one right this instant as I write this review. I know what your thinking, “dude, it’s a belt…;” You’re right. It is a belt. A BAD ASS Belt! This belt is awesome, and it can handle any holster you put on it.  The durability of it is reassuring, this thing is going to last me for decades! Plus the name of it made me dig out my copy of Clint Eastwood’s “Escape from Alcatraz”. Love that flick.

Go check out the gang from Flashbang! They’re AWESOME! Tell them Spike and Tactical Shit sent you! Keep your eyes open on our store as well, we may just start carrying these.


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