Public Comment NOW OPEN for Stabilizing Brace Rulemaking/Guidance

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Public comment will be open for 2 weeks from today.  Please do not use profanity and also avoid cliche and useless statements like Molon Labe, Come and Take it, I had a boating accident, repeal the nfa or fuck the atf.
Please Please Please articulate (put in words) your thoughtful objection to this vague rulemaking overreach and gun registration scheme.

IF YOU ARE FROM A STATE THAT DOES NOT ALLOW NFA GUNS.  It is imperative that you use this in your public comment since you as a Free AMerican will not be able to enjoy the same rights as your fellow statesmen and would only be offered the choice of destruction or forfeiture of your gun that you paid for and bought in good faith.

Here is my Comment on the proposed ATF Rulemaking for Stabilizing Braces.
Upon review of this rulemaking document several critical flaws are immediately detected.
1. The DOJ offer of Amnesty and Retroactive Tax Avoidance for NFA SBR registration of “Affected Stabilizing Brace Firearms” would not be LEGAL or an OPTION for anyone in the following states which currently have State Laws prohibiting ownership of NFA Firearms specifically SBRs:
CALIFORNIA (requires a C&R), District of Columbia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and possibly Illinois.
This means that up to almost 83 million Americans could become felons or be forced to destroy or surrender a product they bought legally and in “good faith” prior to this rule. Amnesty should be for All Americans regardless of State.
2. Although this rulemaking documents outlines 10 key points of determination regarding firearms classifications with a stabilizing brace, the 10 points of determination are left vague and subjective. For example. What may be too heavy to shoot accurately one handed for one person, may work perfectly well and feel light for a stronger person. If weight and length is an issue, there should be thresholds set in the rule, ie; “no longer than” or “weighing over x lbs”. In regards to calibers, they should be documented as to what is acceptable and what is not. This would be very easy to do. As for optics with eye relief requirements, does this include optics that are variable power from 1×3 or 1×4 or 1×6 or 1×8 or 1×10 since at the 1x setting there is NO EYE RELIEF? or would this only be regarding optics with fixed magnification?
In closing, I think Amnesty is a great offer but it should be for all Americans. I do not mind rules. I am already an NFA gun owner. I do however believe that way more information is required since non criminal American’s freedoms are at stake.
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