California Bill Will Mandate Banking Discrimination Against Gun Manufacturers….

Never underestimate California lawmakers’ willingness to embrace the most outlandish gun-control proposals. Other states are taking a stand against “woke” banking discrimination. California is not one of them. There is an effort to make it mandatory. SB 637, introduced by state Sen. Dave Min, requires California’s public finances to stop doing business with any banks […]

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Twitter Files Show How Twitter Bowed To Government Pressure To Fabricate….

The Twitter Files, which usually make the top of the news when a new edition is released, was pushed to the bottom of the news today as the drama surrounding potential House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.battle )’s to secure votes dominated headlines. Nonetheless, the most recent edition, released on Tuesday afternoon by independent journalist Matt […]

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Liberal Gun Grabber Pushes Restraining Orders to Take Guns!

Denyse Wang Stoneback is the Illinois House Representative for the Land of Lincoln’s 16th District north of Chicago. A longtime gun control advocate, Rep. Stoneback founded something called People for a Safer Society. The PSS site says . . . People for a Safer Society is a gun violence prevention organization founded in early 2013, shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary […]

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Expect House Gun Controllers to Go After Ammo and Ammo Manufacturers

According to Firearm Chronicles Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) spoke with Breitbart News about the current push for gun control in the House and warned us to be ready to see gun controllers “go after ammunition and ammunition manufacturers.” Biggs noted a number of gun controls have been passed by the Democrat-controlled House, and even though […]

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Marine LT Col Says “Follow Me And We Will Bring The Whole F****** System Down”

Marine LT Col Stuart Scheller released a new video from an abandoned school bus on his Linked in Page. This was all started after he called for senior leadership responsible for the failure in the Kabul evacuations to be held accountable. There is little known about what the former Marine Commander’s next steps are, so […]

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St. Louis area restaurants requiring proof of vaccination

According to ksdk With COVID-19 cases on the rise and mask mandates put in place in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, some restaurants and businesses are requiring guests to show proof of vaccination. All of the businesses on our list are requiring guests dining indoors to show their vaccination card. Some are […]

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Two Officers that Responded to “Capitol Insurrection” Commit “Suicide”

According to USA Today Two District of Columbia police officers who responded to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol have died by suicide this month, according to the Metropolitan Police Department, bringing the total number of officers who have taken their lives after the riot to four. MPD spokesperson Kristen Metzger told CNN Monday that […]

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Biden Infers He Will Use F-15s Against AR15s

According to The Gateway Pundit Stolen elections have consequences. Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks on gun control with Attorney General Merrick Garland. Joe Biden and the Democrats are coming for the guns and they aren’t even hiding it anymore. Biden on Wednesday attacked the 2nd Amendment and said it was never designed to give […]

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Patriot Arrested for Speaking out Against School District

According to The Gateway Pundit On Wednesday at the Chandler, Arizona school board meeting, patriot Steve Daniels was unlawfully arrested while peacefully protesting critical race theory curriculum, masking of children, and barring parents from public meetings. Daniels posted a live stream to his Facebook page, where an officer asks him, “Can I ask you if […]

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Fauci Caught With his Pants Down

According to Fox News The utter fraudulence of Tony Fauci is obvious now, and it’s widely acknowledged. But it was not always obvious. In March of last year, we interviewed Fauci on this show. We treated him with respect. We took his answers seriously. We’re Americans, so we assumed the man in charge of protecting the United […]

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