Prankster Gets Instant Karma For Pour Gasoline On CCW Holder’s Truck [WATCH]

Do you desire a shot? Find out if you live long enough to require a Depends adult diaper by playing a practical joke on a gun owner by pouring gas on his pickup.

This is precisely what occurred to a gun-toting grandfather who was getting into his truck to leave a store when a rambunctious young man splashed what appeared to be gasoline across the front of the vehicle.

The young man changed his tune rather quickly when he saw the older man come out with a gun.

The youth went from cocky to pleading “It’s just water.  Smell it,” in record time.

The old fella was unimpressed.

In a certifiably John Wayne voice, the old man said, “It better be water, pardner.”

“Or you’re one dead son of a b****.”

The prankster get’s cocky once more when the old man begins to put his gun away instead of using it.

He also gets mouthy and the old fella explains the facts of life to him.

“You almost died you stupid son of a b****.”

My hat’s off to the old fellow.

He handled this very well.">