The Witt Machine SME “Its NOT a Suppressor?”

Thomas K | July 10, 2020 |

Mr. Shush of Witt Machine comes to hang out at our undisclosed shooting location to show me and Alex, DynaDeath Milberg, their new SME or Sound Mitigation Equipment, how much sound does it mitigate us ask? Watch and Find Out! Check out for more info, and to get YOUR HAND on your VERY OWN […]

Cuomo Can Consider Gun Stores “Non-Essential Businesses”

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles A legal challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order declaring non-essential businesses, including gun stores, to close because of the COVID-19 coronavirus was dealt a setback this week when a federal judge declared that the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers weren’t violated by the shutdown of most retailers. The lawsuit was […]

Iowa City Lifts Ban On Guns In Public Buildings, Buses

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles Iowa isn’t the kind of place one would associate with gun control. After all, it’s a state known for its rural culture. Mostly, it’s known for corn. That and the Iowa Caucuses, when every presidential candidate pretends they know about corn. OK, there’s more to the state than that. There always […]

Armaspec Rifter The Wait is Over! But is it Quieter?

Sig Glockincolt | |

Earlier this year at Shot Show 2020 in Las Vegas we showed you the Innovative Armaspec Rifter Linear Muzzle Brake with Blast Shield. The Rifter allows combustion gas to travel inside the chambers of the brake for a longer period of time greatly reducing felt recoil and directing the sound forward away from the shooter. […]

Video shows Florissant officer in unmarked car hit man who was seen to be fleeing

Thomas K | July 9, 2020 |

According to KSDK FLORISSANT, Mo. — A video from a Dellwood resident’s doorbell camera shows an unmarked Florissant police car striking a man who appears to be running away and then screaming as an officer gets on top of him to arrest him. The video was first obtained and posted by Real STLNews Saturday and shows multiple […]

Man Seen Throwing Punches at Louis IX Statue Has No Regrets

Thomas K | |

According to KMOV4 News 4 checked for charges against Page or any other individual seen on video during the incident at the statue, but so far, none have been filed. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office has declined requests for interviews, citing the ongoing investigation. Police also declined to answer specific questions about why there […]

Man accused of assaulting 12 year-old Cape Girardeau boy turns himself in

Thomas K | |

According to KFVS12 SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) – The man accused of assaulting a 12-year-old boy, Ethan Hagler in Cape Girardeau, CJ Moore, has turned himself in to the Scott County Sheriff’s Department. He has been charged for allegedly hitting Ethan while Ethan was dancing with his dance instructor in downtown Cape Girardeau over the weekend. Stephanie […]

Minneapolis ex-police officer charged in George Floyd killing moves to dismiss charges

Thomas K | |

According to Fox news  The attorney of one of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd is asking the court to dismiss the charges against his client. Thomas Lane, 37, is charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s May 25 death. Lane is […]

New Virginia Law Lets People Ban Themselves From Buying Guns

Thomas K | July 8, 2020 |

According to Firearm Chronicles  Will a new gun control law allowing people to voluntarily sign up to be prohibited from owning firearms actually get used by anyone? And why was the bill written to begin with? Graham Moomaw of the Virginia Mercury says the idea is for at-risk individuals to let the state know they’re […]

Bill Over Armed Citizens In Emergencies Stirs Things Up

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles  The state of Pennsylvania has a bit of law that should be concerning to anyone who values the Second Amendment. In state law, there’s language that prohibits the carrying of firearms without a permit. Now, for many of us, this doesn’t sound like too big of a deal. There are several […]

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