Now you wont hear it when someone drops their Integrally Suppressed Sig!

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It looks like Sig finally got tired of all the dropped Sig p320 jokes. A patent that was submitted  March 2 of 2017 by Sig Sauer, Inc. has been approved as of July 24 2018 for their new Integral eccentric firearm silencer.

This new silencer allows the Sig to be holstered without having a bulky can on the front. This could also pave the way for having the option to suppressing concealed carry weapons! Here’s were it gets interesting. This new design is a wet suppressor. It uses an ablative contained in a capsule that would be replaced after a few shots. Which, according to Recoil, the platform would run 3 or 4 rounds of subsonic and 2 to 3 rounds of regular ammunition at hearing safe levels.

The Patent provides the description below for the Sig’s Integral Ececntric Silencer

“An eccentric firearm silencer includes an elongate body having a projectile entry end, a projectile exit end opposite the projectile entry end, a bore extending through the projectile entry end and the projectile exit end for conducting a projectile there through, and a longitudinal axis X passing through the bore. The elongate body is configured to be coupled, rotatably about or slidably parallel to the longitudinal axis X, to a barrel of the firearm at or near the projectile entry end. The elongate body includes a propellant gas expansion chamber disposed adjacent to, and in fluid communication with, the bore for receiving a propellant gas. The elongate body includes a capsule container mounted eccentrically adjacent to, and in fluid communication with, the propellant gas expansion chamber. The capsule container is configured to receive therein a capsule or ablative cartridge containing an amorphous solid or a liquid.”

You can view the full patent Here!

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