New Updates On “The Boondocks Saints 3” Movie!

Norman Reedus Just Dropped an Exciting Update on ‘The Boondocks Saints 3’

  • Norman Reedus confirmed that The Boondock Saints 3 will see Conor and Murphy break out of prison.
  • The first movie, The Boondock Saints , is available for streaming on Peacock.
  • Reedus has several exciting projects on the horizon including Daryl Dixon Season 2 and the John Wick spin-off Ballerina .

The Collider Reports

Before his days as one of the most beloved characters in The Walking Dead franchise, Norman Reedus began to stake his claim to fame when he starred in The Boondock Saints, which arrived in 1999. Not exactly a favorite of critics at the time, the film starred Reedus as Murphy and Sean Patrick Flanery as Connor. The pair portrayed two Catholic brothers turned vigilantes who take it upon themselves to rid the city of Boston of its criminal underbelly. However, the bloody nature of the war they wage on crime sees them as the target of Willem Dafoe’s FBI agent Smecker.

While a third film has been planned for quite some time, it’s been stuck in development hell. However, in what should come as positive, exciting news to fans of the films, Reedus has confirmed in a conversation with ScreenRant that Murphy and Connor will break out of prison in The Boondock Saints 3. The Walking Dead star said:

“There’s sort of a rough outline of a script. The opening sequence, I think they’re keeping from that rough outline because it’s crazy. It’s crazy. It’s basically the boys breaking out of prison. That’s how it starts.”

While we wait for Reedus to return once more as Murphy MacManus, the actor has other obligations to keep him busy. A second season of his TWD spin-off series, Daryl Dixon, is set to premiere this summer. Reedus is also attached as part of the star-studded cast for the John Wick spin-off, Ballerina, and speaking to Collider, the actor teased the high-octane scenes to come. “It was painful. [Laughs] I just got back from Budapest where we added more fight scenes to it. So, I went from Japan to Budapest, back to Japan basically. It’s high-octane. It’s a cool story, it’s well-acted, visually stunning, but it’s just like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” he said.

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