New AR Sights Are The Top Choice For Law Enforcement!

Diamondhead has done it again and this time they have come out with a new innovative sighting system for the AR platform that allows for quick and rapid target acquisition when things go south really fast and the user needs to be able to get rounds on target! The New Hole Shot Integrated Sight System does just that. Several law enforcement agencies were so impressed with the design that they have began to integrate these weapon sights onto their patrol rifles! As a result departments have seen an increase in accuracy from their officers and rifle qualification scores have gone up!



The HOLE SHOT Integrated Sighting System from Diamond head is on a whole new level! The rear aperture provides quick accurate target acquisition at close ranges by simply leveling the apertures and using the the rear reference bars on the rear housing. Much like traditional A2 height sights the shooter can choose between short and long range apertures and can be used to Co-witness with most red dots. Sight deployment stowing is a breeze. The system is spring loaded. There is no button to press to unlock. Just press down firmly to stow or flip up to deploy.

Windage adjustments are made via slotted screw that adjust the rear sights housing. Elevation is adjusted by rotating the front sight post much like your traditional A2 sights.

The price point on these sights fits in between their alloy sights set price and their polymer sight set price. The small change in design is much easier to machine so it lowers the cost associated with production as well as the price for the end user.

Hole Shot Integrated Sighting System (Front and Rear) from Diamondhead

Diamondhead’s revolutionary HOLE SHOT™ Integrated Sighting System (Front & Rear Sights) takes sighting to a new level. With no button to unlock the sight from its stowed position, flip-up deployment is lightning-fast. If a fast, accurate CQC target acquisition is needed, simply level the apertures and use the round upper and reference bars for sighting. To stow, press down firmly and the uppers retract flat. Proprietary windage calibration is via a slotted screw that adjusts the rear sight’s upper housing. Hole Shot sights feature Diamondhead’s patented diamond-shaped apertures, base and housings and they carry a Lifetime Warranty. Diamondhead’s Integrated Sighting Systems are designed for all AR15s and Modern Sporting Rifles

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