Prosecutor Removed After Navy Seals Rights Violated.

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UPDATE: We have been following this story for quite some time. Earlier we reported that the President may put an end to this craziness and Pardon those who have been wrongfully convicted. We have just received word that the prosecutor has been removed from the case for unlawful surveillance and obstruction of justice.

According to the NavyTimes Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher is still going to trial on war crimes charges in 10 days but the judge overseeing his court-martial smacked the dwindling prosecution team with hefty sanctions after ruling they and federal agents violated his constitutional rights.

This comes shortly after an article by the New York Times which states that Trump is considering pardons for several American Military members accused or convicted of war crimes which includes the high profile cases of murder, attempted murder and desecration of a corpse according to officials.

Trump has made preparations to expedite the paperwork needed to grant the pardons on or around memorial day.

Well, Hillary decided to open her mouth on the situation and in true idiotic fashion her ignorance has once again shown. Our opinion the woman that allowed the deaths of Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty  in Benghazi has absolutely no room whatsoever to speak on this matter.

But she was perfectly okay with Manning and Bergdahl being pardoned?

If for some reason articles have stopped coming being posted its probably because Hilary suicided me. What do you think?

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