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UPDATE! #Repost @better_business_babe • • • • • • NOT GUILTY OF MURDER 🇺🇸🙏🏻 #FREEEDDIE

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FoxNews reports that a jury found decorated Navy SEAL Edward “Eddie” Gallagher not guilty Tuesday on almost all charges he was facing, including murder and attempted murder, in the killing of a teenage Islamic State member in Iraq.

Gallagher was accused of stabbing to death a 15-year-old ISIS fighter in 2017 and posing with the corpse for photos.

As he awaited the charges to be read, Gallagher, 40, bounced lightly on his feet, appearing nervous, but dissolved into joyful tears once the verdict came through, tightly embracing his wife, Andrea, who has publicly championed him throughout the case as they both cried. Also seated in the gallery were Gallagher’s attorneys, brother and parents, all of whom he hugged.

“I’m happy and I’m thankful,” Gallagher told reporters after the verdict as he joked with his legal team that “it’s Independence Day,” his freedom coming days before the July 4th holiday.

“Suffice to say, huge victory, huge weight off the Gallaghers, huge victory for justice,” Gallagher’s attorney Marc Mukasey said adding that his client cried “tears of joy, emotion, freedom, absolute euphoria and proud of the process.”

“I was feeling like we’re finally vindicated after being terrorized by the government that my husband fought for for 20 years,” Andrea Gallagher said. She also said she intends to “continue to fight for the war heroes of this country” and hopes to see Naval Special Warfare Group 1 Commodore Capt. Matthew D. Rosenbloom resign, among other things.

He faced seven criminal charges in all. Six of the most serious charges included premeditated murder, willfully discharging a firearm to endanger human life, retaliation against members of his platoon for reporting his alleged actions, obstruction of justice and the attempted murders of two noncombatants. On all of those charges, the jury in San Diego found him not guilty.

Jurors did find him guilty of the seventh charge, posing for a photo with a casualty, considered the least egregious of the crimes, which carries a maximum prison sentence of four months.

“We have a sentencing to do, but the maximum sentence of what they’re about to sentence him on is much less than the time that they’ve already had him in the brig,” defense attorney Tim Parlatore said. “So he is going home…

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Earlier we reported that the President may put an end to this craziness and Pardon those who have been wrongfully convicted. Then we followed up with the prosecutor being removed.

Then according to FoxNews Navy prosecutors are still pursuing murder charges against Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher even after bombshell testimony Thursday by a Navy colleague who confessed that he was the one to kill the teenage Islamic State fighter.

Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, a SEAL Team Seven medic, testifying for the prosecution under an immunity agreement, told the court that he held his “thumb over his TT tube until he quit breathing,” admitting that he asphyxiated the captive, despite saying that he saw Gallagher stab the boy in his neck.

Even with this shocking revelation the Navy was still pushing for murder charges despite their past blunders.

This came shortly after an article by the New York Times which states that Trump is considering pardons for several American Military members accused or convicted of war crimes which includes the high profile cases of murder, attempted murder and desecration of a corpse according to officials.

Trump has made preparations to expedite the paperwork needed to grant the pardons on or around memorial day.

Well, Hillary decided to open her mouth on the situation and in true idiotic fashion her ignorance has once again shown. Our opinion the woman that allowed the deaths of Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty  in Benghazi has absolutely no room whatsoever to speak on this matter.

But she was perfectly okay with Manning and Bergdahl being pardoned?

If for some reason articles have stopped coming being posted its probably because Hilary suicided me. What do you think?

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