MS-13 Member Out On Bail Kills Rival Gang Member On Subway. *Graphic*

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An MS-13 gang member who was out on bail for attempted murder killed a rival gang member shooting him in the face in broad daylight on a NYC subway platform. Several shots were fired during the brutal attack and the suspect who pulled the trigger, Ramiro Gutierrez, was apprehended Monday.

According to Fox News The suspected MS-13 gang member accused of fatally shooting a member of a rival gang in broad daylight on a New York City subway platform is a Salvadoran national who is in the U.S. illegally, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency told Fox News on Tuesday.

In December, Gutierrez, who also goes by the nickname “Caramalo,” was indicted alongside 11 other alleged MS-13 gang members by a Queens County grand jury “on various charges including attempted murder and conspiracy, in addition to drug and weapons charges,” ICE said.

ICE said in a statement at the time that Gutierrez…

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But no hey like the left says theres no reason at all for us to revamp immigration to better vet whose coming in… we dont need no border wall… everyones cool. (That was sarcasm.) If people ever got a dose of reality, Lets say, oh I dont know, all the cartel pictures and videos floating around and set their feelings aside something tells me that wall would go up real damn quick.

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