Man Shoots at Father After Punching 6 year Old!

Carry everyday. You never know where or when you will encounter a situation that will require the use of deadly force to defend your life or the life of a loved one. This could have turned out alot worse than it did and just goes to show the type of crazy that is out in the world.

A man punched a child and shot at his father all over some dirtbike noise.

According to Fox13 the man was arrested Sunday night after police say he punched a child, fired gunshots at the child’s father and barricaded himself inside of his home in Millcreek.

On Monday morning, Unified Police identified the suspect as 61-year-old Richard Lindem.

According to Unified Police Department, the suspect was upset that two kids were riding a dirt bike in his neighborhood near 300 East and 4300 South (on Doreen Street). The suspect then allegedly confronted a 6-year-old boy and punched him multiple times in the head.

Officers on scene said the boy’s father confronted the suspect, who then drew a firearm and fired gunshots at the father. The father was not injured. The suspect then returned to his house and barricaded himself inside shortly after 3 p.m.

Fox 13 spoke with the boy’s father, Chris Ollerton, who said the man assaulted both of his sons.

“If he wouldn’t have pulled the gun on me…