Man Dragging flags Baits Patriot Into Attack!

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A man in Orange was assaulted when he informed another driver that he was dragging an american flag behind his car.  The driver punched the concerned citizen in the jaw and broke it in several places. The driver is facing desecration and aggravated assault charges.

According to 6KFDM A picture posted on Facebook shows an American flag dragged from the back of a car.

The man who posted it claims that he wanted to point it out to the driver.

That’s when, he says, the driver sucker punched him.

The alleged act of violence has turned to more than just a cry for justice.

Capt. Robert Enmon with the Orange Police Department says the social media comments have become racial.

Some want harsh crimes for the man who was dragging the flag and is accused of assaulting the other man.

Others say the story the purported victim is claiming isn’t true and that he should have been minding his own business.

“As he drives approaching me, I get out and wave him down, ‘Hey man, you’re dragging something behind you,'” Scott wrote on Facebook, according to KOGT-TV. “As I approach the back of his car to help him remove, I see it’s an American flag. I’m squatting down and turn to let him know, and that’s where he cheap shots me in the jaw and drives off. A good citizen follows and gets the license plate. All of this while my son is in the car.”

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