Lone Kitted out SAS Hero smoke checks Terrorist after they slaughtered 21 people! *Extremely Graphic*

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Once again… the good (and better trained) guy with a gun thwarts the bad guys with guns. When Terrorists from Somali-based al-Shabaab attacked a nearby hotel in Kenya a distress call was sent out and the first one to answer it was a member of the SAS. The man was out on an admin run shopping when he got the call. He ran back to his car, got his equipment, and got to work. Being SAS the man did what most operators do best stack fucking bodies and stack fucking bodies he did. Not only did he single handedly smoke check the jihadi fucktards but the SAS operator directed the local police and military and escorted numerous civilians to safety and is being accredited for saving the lives of dozens!

According to TheSun He was in the country training Special Forces when news broke of the gun and grenade atrocity that killed at least 21 — including Brit Luke Potter. At least one other Brit was injured in the rampage.

After getting kitted out, dramatic photos show the hero charging into a building single-handed — Colt Canada C8 assault rifle at the ready — to free cowering locals.

In another, the balaclava-clad elite soldier, whose face we have masked, helps to carry an injured victim. He was also seen clasping a woman’s hand as he led her to safety.

The man — a long-serving SAS member — checked plans with local special forces, directed sorties in the heat of battle and frisked suspects.

An insider said last night: “He was training Kenyan forces when the shout went up, so he went in.

“British Special Forces always run towards the sound of gunfire.

“He fired off rounds during the operation. It’s a safe bet he hit his target — the SAS don’t miss. There’s no doubt his actions saved lives.”

His battlegear included body armour, a Glock pistol and dagger.

The hero is thought to have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and to be a top counter-terror warfare expert.

Yesterday, survivors hailed his heroics in the 19-hour attack on Nairobi’s DusitD2 hotel and office complex. Lucy Njeri said: “He carried out one of the wounded, then went back and did that again.

“There was a lot of confusion, a lot of people running around, but he stood out. He was very brave.”

Joshua Kwambai — who fled a restaurant there when the attack began — added: “This guy got there quick. I think he was one of first there. He had a mask on.

“We could see him talking to the police and army and they listened to him. They were looking at pieces of paper, maybe plans of the building.”

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As stated by The Sun, “He fired off rounds during the operation. It’s a safe bet he hit his target — the SAS don’t miss. There’s no doubt his actions saved lives.”. and theres more than enough proof of that.

Funker530 obtained several minutes of eye witness footage of the attack.

We dont know who this SAS member is but rest assured he is one hard charging badass and the world needs more people like him! Those who are willing to run toward the sound of gunfire to protect the lives of the innocent are few and far between.

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