Libtards Furious over what Donald Trump Jr Just posted!

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Several news outlets are arguing that wearing this belt buckle is illegal… and while out in public if the state does not have an open carry law that may be the case this photo may have been taken on private property where he is protected. Honestly Belt buckles aren’t really our thing but this is pretty awesome!

According to Yahoo Instead of hitting the golf course like his father, Donald Trump Jr. frequently shares via social media that his favorite weekend pastimes include hunting, fishing, chopping wood, and trolling his fatherโ€™s political opponents. This week, he was doing at least one or two of the above at the upstate New York retreat he owns with brother Eric, and he took the opportunity to model a very interesting fashion accessory he owns. Itโ€™s a belt buckle with a built-in .22 caliber pistol that is more than decorative.

According to the people who sell them secondhand online, the Freedom Arms belt buckle gun was discontinued in 1989, but there are other manufacturers that make similar guns you can hide in plain sight.

Just because it looks like a fashion accessory does not mean it doesnโ€™t fall under the jurisdiction of gun laws, particularly in…

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However, the usual suspects werent thrilled either. A representative of the Giffords shows that they were less than thrilled by the post.

“We have a lot of rights under our Constitution,” Chipman says. “But for me, as someone who has served this country, we have responsibilities as well. Patriotism is much more than just exercising your right to do something; it’s considering your impact on everyone you live around. Carrying a gun openly is a big deal, especially if it’s causing concern to other people.”

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