Law Enforcement Reversal: How Criminals are Gaining More Protection than Ever Before

Let’s go down a crime scene from last week in a big U.S. metropolis that I believe will be highly instructional for all of us.

This sort of thing happens every day, undoubtedly, in some major metropolises.

On Tuesday, November 7th, a commuter saw a woman being robbed at gunpoint on a subway platform near Times Square in New York City.

In a typical incident in New York City, especially on the subway, a mugger forcefully attacked a woman in an attempt to steal her pocketbook. On the same evening of November 7th, a random subway station attack left one man with a slashed face, according to ABC 7 News.

Now, we return to the meat of our article.

The 43-year-old male witness was horrified to see the homeless man he had been helping earlier in the subway attack the woman with such brutality. He reached into his pocket for a gun and fired two bullets as a warning at the mugger. Both shots went off without doing any damage. Nobody got wounded.

The mugger ran away right away.

The shooter then casually walked away, but NYPD officers soon caught him.

The perpetrator of the shooting faces criminal charges.

The mugger was also taken into custody, as he often is for similar crimes, but he has since been set free.

Here is how the local affiliate of ABC News covered the story:


Take note of the police officers’ subtle shifting of responsibility in the above video’s local TV report. The homeless man who targets helpless ladies is not the villain.

It was the Good Samaritan who intervened on the woman’s behalf.

This is the sort of thing we need to keep in mind as the danger level in our cities rises, and not just in large cities but in cities of all sizes under the control of leftists and globalists.

In an article on, firearms and defensive tactics teacher John Farnam offered the following takeaways:

1) Warning shots are almost always a bad idea and are not recommended.

2) In the eyes of most prosecutors, “Flight Equals Guilt.” So even if you think you’re acting as a Good Samaritan, don’t leave the scene unless you have to for your safety.

3) In New York City (as in any number of other Democrat-run cities), liberal politicians and prosecutors expect you, indeed require you, to meekly submit to physical attacks by violent felons.

As far as Farnam is concerned, it is always illegal for individuals to employ force, especially lethal force, to protect themselves or others from violent criminals.

Farnam spelled it out in no uncertain terms, writing:

“In plain English, Democrat/Marxists don’t want you protecting yourself from their precious criminals. As a resident, you are required to ‘accept’ violent crime as a condition of living there. You’re expected to be a good (i.e., cooperative) victim. Of course, these same politicians rely on a virtual army of heavily armed, taxpayer-funded bodyguards to protect themselves, so they don’t think violent crime is ‘a problem’ because, for them, it isn’t. For them, ‘violent crime’ is nothing more than casual conversation.”

We need to readjust our expectations because globalist politicians’ cavalier approach to violent crime isn’t going away any time soon. I’m not suggesting we stop being good Samaritans, but it’s important to be cautious and conscious of our surroundings as well as the politics of the places we visit. Someone who helps a stranger in New York may be considered a criminal in larger cities like Atlanta or Savannah. Simply selecting a state and then adding cities will demonstrate the same pattern.

Take care on the road, too. Recently, there has been a surge in shooting incidents on major thoroughfares. Water bottles, gloves, a warm cap, basic tools, rain gear, jumper cables, a lighter, a robust knife, a hatchet, and a small shovel should be kept in your car at all times, especially as we head into the winter. I would also recommend hiding a weapon in your vehicle if doing so is permitted where you live.

Farnam advises us to “stay out of New York City, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, et al. Don’t live there, and don’t go there!

In my opinion, that is sound counsel. But I’d add that globalists with quite different beliefs than we’re used to seeing are likely to control just about any city with a population of 100,000 or more, and many places much smaller than that.

We call this Communism. They need us to be completely reliant on the government because that is how they plan to achieve total control. Anyone who believes they can keep themselves safe poses a danger to those in power.

This is why they want our firearms, and it is also why they retaliate against everyone who dares to defend themselves. This is also why they are attempting to transform our young men into cowards by feminizing them.">