Kurdish Fighter stops snipers bullet with his face!

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This guy is going to need a wheelbarrow to carry around his cojones! Theres not much info as to where this took place or any other details but a Kurdish fighter in Iraq took a snipers shot right to his face and keeps on trucking almost as if nothing had happened. The Isis sniper took a follow up shot this time missing his target allowing the Fighter to live another day. Needless to say we hope the kurds returned the favor!

According to Funker530 An Iraqi Militiaman does just that after being shot square in the head by a Daesh sniper. ISIS released the video in their usual propaganda style, but for some reason they left in the part where the sniper misses his follow up shot, and the militiaman takes off running and survives.

Regardless of the crappy jihadi music, and the terrible edit of the idiot in the ghillie suit, this video is pretty awesome. This militiaman now has a story that he can tell for the rest of his life, that is, if he still has all of his teeth in-tact after that head shot. In the event he lost his teeth and can no longer speak, someone direct him to this video so he can watch it and laugh about how…

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