Id Catch a Grenade For… or not. *Graphic*

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An article on Funker530 Caught our attention and we had to share. All to often people are distracted by their phones to realize what is happening around them and throw caution to the wind. You can clearly see this as the suspect hurls the grenade. The man in the back Tshirt is face down in his phone and by the time he notices the grenade its too late. To make matters worse he just stares at it trying to decide what it is.

According to Funker530 

Disturbing security camera footage shows a grenade attack at a night club inUkraine on June 10, 2018 that wounded eight people.

According to reports and security footage, a man wearing a balaclava face mask came into the busy “Luna” night club entrance in Sumy, Ukraine, and threw a grenade.

The weakling criminal can be seen struggling to pull the pin on the device, which is being reported as a RGD-5 anti personnel fragmentation grenade. One of the patrons, a young man, just stands there and watches the wannabe terrorist without any kind of reasonable reaction to either neutralize the attacker, warn other patrons, or run. He literally just stands there and watches as the events unfold.

The attacker attempts to throw the…

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Everyone all like to go out with drinks involved this may become even more challenging however it could very well save your life. The lesson here is be aware of your surroundings. Not everywhere you go is safe just because it has a no weapons policy. Criminals do not and will never follow a plastic sign on the door.

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