Holosun Booth Industry Range Day 2024

We went to Holosun ‘s booth at shotshow range day to check out their new IRIS laser as well as get our orders placed for their DRS Thermals which we should have on our site in a few weeks. https://shop.tacticalshit.com/  @shotshow 


The DRS-NV (Digital Reflex Sight-Night Vision/ thermal) is a red dot and digital night vision fusion sight that combines Holosun’s red dot sight technology with digital night vision capability. DRS-NV features an LED MRS (Multi-Reticle System) with two digital reticle options, 1024×768 resolution digital night vision sensor with up to 60fps, 8x digital zoom, digital image and video recording with on-board storage, and is powered by an 18350 rechargeable battery. An onboard USB-C connector enables charging and downloading of recorded images and video.

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