HMFIC TJ Kirgin gets pulled over!

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Usually what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless your in boulder city and in the act of some spirited driving… But can you blame us? We managed to snag a McClaren 650s! Apparently there was an issue with passing on the way to the Shot Show range day. A vehicle had gotten between the McClaren and the camera car and they were approaching an area where the two lanes merged into one. TJ gunned it to catch up with the camera vehicle before the two lanes ended and was subsequently pulled over for careless and imprudent. Luckily the Boulder City Police Department are an awesome group of individuals and let the HMFIC off with a warning for the time being and was able to continue on to the range day!

Again. Thanks to Royalty Exotic Cars for the rental! If you would like to rent an amazing supercar during your stay in vegas See the links below and dont forget to mention TacticalShit for 10% off!

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Lets take a look at some of the specs on the rental!



3.8TT V8


7-Speed Auto

727hp, and 500ft-lb of torque!

Handsome looks aside, driving the McLaren 650S is sure to please any performance aficionado’s desires. With its 727-horsepower, dual-clutch V8 and seven-speed automatic transmission, the two-seat supercar accelerates from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. A standing quarter-mile in the rear-wheel-drive beast is achieved in 10.4 seconds. Top speed is 207 mph.

Needless to say getting to range days fast wasnt an issue.

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