Awesome Glock Guide Rod Weapon Light!

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DeadPoint has created a brand new weapon light system for your Glock pistols. Taking place of the Glock’s factory guide rod and take-down lever! One of the biggest problems this new system Solves with Weapon lights is that the DeadPoint eliminates the need for a proprietary holster. Unlike the old laser systems that didn’t really work that well if at all, This thing is Solid! We actually had one of our guys run the system during an IDPA match. It didn’t suffer from any failures and worked as advertised before during and after the abuse!

What really makes the DeadPoint system work well is the extended ambidextrous take-down lever, which replaces the factory take-down lever. The DeadPoint’s take-down lever also acts as the systems on and off switch. Because of how it is designed This extended take-down lever will also shut off the system when holstered, with any holster, preserving the DeadPoints battery life.

The system comes with 2 proprietary batteries with a 45 minute continuous led run-time. These batteries only cost 5 dollars to replace which is a lot cheaper than many cr123s that are on the market by a long-shot.

The only thing that someone may complain about is the light only has 90 lumens as opposed to the 200 plus that you normally have in weapon lights. However, we found that the 90 lumens output is adequate in low light no light situations and is better than having NOTHING at all. If this is something you’d be interested in they are currently available for pre-order at


You can also check out the installation and our review of the DeadPoint weapon light in the video below!

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